How can STWR and short – range forecast help you

Business where can be STWR used

  • Local radio and TV stations – early warnings during dangerous weather situations can save lives, property and decrease reparation costs
  • Tourizm – the visitors in large touristic centers are continuously informed on weather situations, early warnings improve their comfort and safety
  • Transport – forecast gives enough time to make effective actions to assure negotiability of roads and railways
  • Aviation detail forecast assures higher safety of flights and mainly of lift-offs and landings in complicated weather conditions
  • Hydrology – mainly in period of long-term precipitation forecasts help to dam water management, river flood warnings, urban sewer management , etc.
  • Agriculture – in case of coming rain or showers, the harvest plan can be optimised
  • Protection of civil population – warnings, operational and preventive activities in case of dangerous weather arrival.

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