Who we are


MOVABLE METEOROLOGICAL RADAR STWR ( Surveillance Transferable Weather Radar ) was developed by the team of experts, that has been working in the field for more than 25 years.

  • 80´s – first efforts of our team to automatize the big meteorological radars at Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute – Centre for Remote Sensing
  • 1988 – Gold medal at the Machinery Trade Fair in Brno
  • 90´s – automatization of "big" radars and radar networks

  •     -Slovakia:           Malý Javorník, Kojšovská hoľa, airport Sliač – for army
        -Germany:          Neuhaus, Warnemunde, Berlín, Lipsko
        -Yugoslavia:        Banatski Karlovac
        -Czech Republic: Brno
  • From 2007 – development of mobile meterological radar