Welcome to the METEO pages!

METEO s.r.o is a professional company dealing with analyses and short-term weather forcasting (nowcasting) by means of metereological radars. Modern technology and user friedly applications allow you to observe the clouds around you geting information on their location, dimensions and motion. You will be informed on rain, snow or hail, which will come soon or is just creating somewhere ... it is usefull to know the future !

The weather can be predictable

Although the weather forecasts for a day or two became more correct during last decades, it is still very hard to predict the weather for a concrete place and time. The situation can change in few minutes. While planning your bussiness or relax activities you probably check the weather forecast first, but in „one day“ forecast you may not find the information when you can safely start or when you have better to stop some activity due to the bad weather.

... but with our radar system you will be tens of minutes in advance of the reality. These minutes can save lives or money. But usually it is enough just to decide for a shorter field day or to hide your car to prevent its hail demage. Every day we find more and more usages of meteorological radar data, some are described at next pages. If you have some original idea, don´t hesitate to contact us !